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Warranty Policy  
Warranty Period:
  1. Repairing service within 1 year after purchase.
  2. We provide whole life repair service for our products.
Warranty and Repairment :
  1. Before using the product, please read Users Manual carefully, make sure the operation follow the manual strictly.
  2. All goods are guaranteed for one year .Any defective products under guarantee will be repaired
  3. After 1 years warranty period, we provide repairing service with the proper charge according to the products.
Warranty Exclusions:
  1. Damage caused during installation or any man-made.
  2. Damage caused by modification or repair not made or authorized by our company.
  3. Damage caused by improper or improperly used packaging
  4. Tearing off the frangible paster.
Product Series of Product Warranty Period
Standard Camera ------- 3 Years
Dome Camera ------- 3 Years
Zoom Camera All in one Camera Series Camera Lens : 1 Year
All other Parts : 2 Years
IR Camera IR Waterproof Series, IR Dome Series 2 Year
PTZ Camera Xpeed Dome Series, 2 Year
IR Xpeed Dome Series
DVR Board TM Series 2Years
DVR System SF Series 2 Year



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